Table Games

A pool table is a “must” when opening a new lounge. The size, color, lighting and other features assist in developing patronage for the establishment. Click on a model and view the dimensions and varieties available.

  • Tornado Foosball Tables<br /><br />This table can be delivered completely assembled and ready for play. Goalies, handles, and foosballs are provided at installation and replaced as needed while operated by Chalmette Amusement.<br /><br />Dimensions: 56-inches x 30-inches x 36-inches, weight 355lbs.
    Tornado Foosball Tables
  • Valley Air Hockey<br /><br />Includes coin acceptor, UV coated playing surface, and blacklight graphics.<br /><br />Dimensions: 99 1/2-inches L x 51 1/2-inches W x 31-inches H (71-inches H with optional overhead), weight 429lbs (464lbs. with optional overhead.)
    Valley Air Hockey
  • Valley Panther ZD-X Pool Table<br /><br />Includes MEI $1-$20 bill acceptor, sleek, redesigned rail cap molding, flush mount corner castings and pocket liners, 5-bolt cushion rail. amd Teflon Ultra Cloth, Cheyenne Leather color.<br /><br />Dimensions: 7 Foot: 92.75-inches L x 52.75-inches W x 31.5-inches H, weight 710 lbs.
    Valley Panther ZD-X
  • Guess My Age<br /><br />At Chalmette Amusement Company, we provide our customers with the latest model equipment available in the industry. We believe the only way to maximize revenue is to offer the greatest playing experience to our customers and your players. These upgrades normally result in a 10% to 25% increase to your bottom line. Ask yourself how much money you lost with your current operator because he continues to operate outdated equipment?<br /><br />We have these tables and others like them in stock and ready to be deployed. Call us for this chance to increase your revenue.
    Guess My Age
  • Fire Storm Air Hockey<br /><br />The Fire Strom Air Hockey will light up any establishment. Players are sure to enjoy the rounded corners, blacklight playfield, speakers located next to each player, and LED overhead scoring unit. The Fire Storm Air Hockey is your ticket to boosting repeat business in your location.<br /><br />Dimensions: 99 1/2-inches L x 56-inches W x 71-inches H with overhead, W 475lbs.
    Fire Storm
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