Novelty Amusement

The perfect addition to a restaurant, arcade, or adult-only venue. Cranes can be customized for all ages, or stocked for adults only. The stocked items are provided by Chalmette Amusement and we supply the newest, most popular items. The Boxers add a fun and competitive feature to your establishment.

  • Boxer Glove<br /><br />The Boxer Glove is an upright punching bag. The Boxer Glove can accommodate up to 6 players at one time. This unique game is one of the most popular coin-operated boxing machines on the market.<br /><br />Dimensions: 88-inches H x 28-inches W x 53-inches D, weight 331 lbs.
    Boxer Glove
  • Toy Soldier Plush Crane<br /><br />Every restaurant should have a plush crane. Plush cranes have been around since the 1930's and have given children of all ages a memory they can share with their children. The crane stock is supplied by Chalmette Amusement and rotated to accommodate the changing seasons and includes items of popularity.<br /><br />Crane Dimensions: H 76-inches, W 31-inches, D 36-inches.
    Toy Soldier Plush Crane
  • Sweet Shop Candy Crane<br /><br />The Sweet Shop Candy Crane was designed to attract children of all ages. The gingerbread house design incorporates a pitched rooftop, lighted joy stick and buttons, flashing LED rope lights on each side, and is painted bright yellow and red. When being played it even sounds a catchy childhood toon. Candy cranes are the only redemption crane that allows a child to win something every time that can be enjoyed on the spot. Every restaurant should have one. All candy is supplied by Chalmette Amusement and is rotated to accommodate the changing seasons and current popularity of certain items.<br /><br />Dimensions: H 74-inches, W 24-inches, D 29-inches, W 200 LBS.
    Sweet Shop Candy Crane
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