Floor Model Jukeboxes

Chalmette Amusement offers a variety of floor model compact disc and digital jukeboxes to fit all venues’ needs. Below are only a few that we offer. Chalmette Amusement can help you provide the best music selection for your crowd.

  • Rowe CD-100C<br /><br />The 100C model jukebox is the most popular of all the models ever designed. A great choice for establishments that want to keep the nostalgia of hosting a CD Jukebox. It is capable of holding 100 CDs which can be customized to fit your crowd.<br /><br />Dimensions: 61.2-inch H x 33-inch W, 28.12-inch L, weight: 355lbs
    Rowe CD-100C
  • The Slimline is one of the most popular free standing internet jukeboxes due to its space efficiency and attractive style. A 900 watt Peavey amplifier provides plenty of kick to the enclosed speaker arrangement of a 15-inch subwoofer, 2 midrange speakers, and 2 tweeters to rock your establishment.<br /><br />Dimensions: 64 3/4-inches H x 30-inches W x 24 1/2-inches D, weighing 317 lbs.
    Rock-Ola Slimline
  • This jukebox captures the classic look of a nostalgic bubbler but has all the latest songs and content. The 19-inch LCD touch screen allows patrons to select from over 4 million songs. With an exceptional sound system provided by Bose, this box is one of a kind in entertainment.<br /><br />Dimensions: 66 3/4-inch H x 29 3/4-inch W x 24-inch D, weighing 269 lbs.
    TouchTunes Allegro
  • The MX1 captures all the great features of the Allegro jukebox but in a more modern style cabinet. The 19-inch LCD touch screen allows patrons to select from over 4 million songs. The LED lights that illuminate the jukebox will complete the d├ęcor of any room.<br /><br />Dimensions: 66 3/4-inches H x 29 3/4-inches W x 24-inches D, weighing 269 lbs.
    TouchTunes MX1
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