Hurricane Katrina Recovery Efforts

In 2005, Chalmette Amusement Company faced a unique challenge, Hurricane Katrina! After Katrina’s destroyed most of Chalmette Amusement’s operating area, the company was forced to evolve. Instead of simply providing equipment for entertainment, it became a willing support entity for its customers. In some cases, it was necessary for Chalmette Amusement to help with rebuilding the location from the ground up so that its customers could re-open their businesses. The company met the challenge with most of those businesses back up and running within just a few months of the storm.

The links on the menu at left will display photos of three locations that are well known throughout our area. Chalmette Amusement brought these locations back so that our residents could enjoy their offerings and so that those business owners could renew their livelihoods.

Chalmette Amusement and these valiant business owners have shown true loyalty to St. Bernard Parish and the drive to continue with their way of life despite the challenges which face them in this post-Katrina era.

Katrina with Outline of Louisiana Visible
Katrina Swirls Over Gulf States
Hurricana Katrina destroying homes in Louisiana
Katrina Destroys Homes in Louisiana