Providing the latest in Video Poker & Amusements

It’s been called the Evolution of Gaming. The technology that drives the Video Gaming and Amusement industries never stands still. It’s always evolving. Let us make sure your business evolves with it.

Chalmette Amusement excels at operating video poker and amusement games in Louisiana. We have been a licensed video poker operator since the video gaming industry was first legalized in 1992. Our staff is passionate about providing you and your customers with the latest state-of-the-art games from some of the world’ best known manufacturers.

Do you own or operate bars, restaurants, and/or truck stops and:

  1. your customers are demanding the latest Video Poker and Amusement machines?
  2. you are exploring every opportunity to maximize your business revenues?
  3. you know that newer equipment works better, attracts new customers, and helps increase your earnings?

If so, then Call Today. Your customers (and your bottom line!) will thank you. Your competitors? Not so much.

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