Getting Noticed
Pylon Development

Turn drive-by traffic into drive-in traffic. Let our team of experts design your truck stop casino’s outdoor signage. While sign design is an art, its success or failure is rooted in good old common sense and science. Below are just some of the profit-grabbing services we offer your business.

Our redesign of the pylon sign at Wynner’s Casino in Livonia is a great example of how we turned a run-down, tired sign into a welcoming beacon of opportunity for all those who see it.

  • Clean, bold typeface and contrasting color combinations increase ease-of-view distance from 350 feet to more than 1,500 feet!
  • Diamond-shaped panels reflect at different angles and are strategically placed to better catch the driver’s attention.
  • The ENTER arrow was separated, simplified, brightened, and pointed in the right direction.
  • The large diamond shape behind the sign serves as an introduction to the casino’s Diamond Club.
  • Other improvements coming soon…