Floor Plan Development
Make the Most of your Floor Plan

Our talented design experts will make visits to your casino feel like mini vacations. While we develop your optimum floor plan, no detail will escape our notice and attention. We know from experience that it’s impossible to overstate the impact that a superior floor plan can have on your business’ bottom line.

Our expert designers turned the dreary interior of Wynner’s Casino in Livonia into a red-hot gaming oasis that keeps players coming back for more.

  • Restaurant entrance door was downsized, tinted, and relocated to minimize distractions as patrons move between the casino and restaurant.
  • Video poker games in full and half-moon carousel displays are carefully situated to create decongested traffic flow while maximizing personal space between players.
  • The VIP suite features slant-top video poker games strategically placed back-to-back in the center of the room so as to highlight their status.
  • Carpet color was carefully chosen to blend with the overall color scheme while letting the animated screens and vibrant signage of the video poker machines capture players’ attentions.
  • Two-toned wall coloring creates a friendly, comfortable environment so that players want to stay and play longer.
  • Black ceiling tiles reinforce the stimulating casino atmosphere while creating the perfect backdrop for the newly installed neon signs.
  • Polk speakers are tactically placed both inside and outside the building to provide players with enriched, balanced sound while simulatenously creating the desired mood as players enter the casino.