Exterior Building Design
Get Your Audience’s Attention

Your business exterior should grab the attention of every single passerby. One glance can speak volumes about the all-out fun and excitement to be found inside. Our seasoned experts will WOW you with ideas to make your casino the gaming showcase you always knew it could be.

Originally opened in a “plain Jane” metal building and part of a run-of-the-mill strip mall, Wynner’s Casino in Livonia called us in to perform a much-needed makeover. The end result is nothing short of remarkable.

  • Bright, bold exterior color lets their business stand out among other nearby businesses.
  • Tinted double-doors, shielded by an exterior canopy and leading to a new interior vestibule, create a welcome transition from the outdoors into the comfortable and inviting casino environment.
  • The new vestibule helps reduce utility bills while simultaneously shielding the casino floor from unwelcome temperature changes and harsh, intruding sunlight.
  • The new CASINO sign can easily be read from the highway and parking areas.